At Sacra Cana we strive to obtain the finest ingredients that are organically grown and properly extracted. We manufacture our products in the gentlest manner, relying on nature to preserve the integrity and quality of ingredients to deliver the most potent and effective formulations possible.

Three key factors that form the criteria for our selection of ingredients;

It starts with how it’s grown and once harvested how it’s handled. We look for organically grown ingredients and if the plant is grown without pesticides but isn’t organic certified it must also be a Non-GMO seed. We use only the finest ingredients to enhance the purity and quality of all the plant chemicals in our formulations.

How ingredients are extracted determines the potency of the ingredient. The best method of extraction of cannabis compounds and essential oil is through SUBCRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTION. Our CBD is extracted through SUBCRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTION.

Lastly how the product is formulated.
Often times key ingredients are destroyed in the manufacturing of the end product or they dissipate very quickly unless properly preserved. Our products are hand made using traditional methods that uphold the integrity of the ingredients.