Extra Strength 2000mg
8 ounces

The Ultimate in Luxury.

Rich and sensuous; this feather weight oil saturates your skin with an intoxicating scent of sandalwood and warm undertones of vanilla and spice. This sumptuous, highly concentrated 2000mg cannabis infused topical formula may support the minimization of inflammation from achy joints and muscles, leaving no residual greasy sensation.

While it feeds the endocannabinoid system within the skin to support homeostasis, it may also help to repair and support cellular regeneration. Precious premium, organic oils rich with anti-oxidants and a wide range of essential fatty acids nourish the skin to regenerate cells and help prevent signs of premature aging. This opulent oil can be used on the face and directly on skin irritations such as: eczema and psoriasis. Ideal to soothe burns, minor scrapes, insect bites and sunburns. It is not suggested for use on open wounds.