Sacralicious CBD Tinture 1000mg
Sacraluscious Dry Body Oil 250 mg
Anti-Inflammation Balm 250mg

The Ultimate In Support And Well-Being

This fabulous travel kit contains products that address the little “happenings” of a life well-travelled. While studies show CBD supports the immune system it may also assist in reducing inflammation to offset those well-deserved indulgences which are without question a must for seasoned travelers of the world.

We suggest you “front load” the body with Sacalicious Tincture before a trip in order to saturate the normally starved endocannabinoid system. Our bodies are endocannabinoid system (ECS) and we produce CBD internally. CBD feeds and makes whole the ECS. However, as we age the body slows down internal CBD production leaving the ECS without needed CBD to complete its job to maintain homeostasis.

We all know indulging in oenology and gastronomic delicacies causes inflammation within the body. Our CBD tincture may assist the body to bring down inflammation while enjoying the world’s delights.

Additionally, the set provides much needed relaxing oil and balm which may help keep those aches and pains of travel at bay.

Sacra Cana’s concentrated cannabis-infused Anti-Inflammatory Balm calms and may relieve soreness. Made from the whole plant, this luxurious topical formula may help to reduce inflammation and may help to repair the acid mantle of the skin. While Sacraluscious Dry Body Oil is simply rich and sensuous. This featherweight oil envelops your body in our proprietary scent of warm sandalwood, cedarwood and intoxicating undertones of vanilla and spice. Skin regenerative premium, raw and organic oils and butters loaded with terpenes, anti-oxidants and the whole range of essential fatty acids replenishes the skin. Both sumptuous topical formulas may support the body to alleviate inflammation from achy joints and muscles while leaving no residual greasy sensation.